Top 3 Best Songs on Tink's 'Winter's Diary 2' Tape

Tink's 'Winter's Diary 2: Forever Yours' mixtape dropped last week. Here are its three best songs.
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By Elliott Sharp

Tink, the rapper/singer and Red Bull Sound Select performer from Chicago, released her 'Winter's Diary 2: Forever Yours' mixtape Friday afternoon. Unlike last year's drill-inspired rap project, 'Boss Up,' this 15-song follow-up to 2012's 'Winter's Diary' showcases the 18-year-old's softer and more melodic R&B side.

There's a smooth 1990's type of R&B thing happening on 'Winter's Diary 2.' Mary J. SWV. Janet. Those are big names, and Tink is a new artist with a long way to go, but this is her most promising project yet. Here are the three best songs on the mixtape.

3. 'HML'

"Hit my line." That's what "HML" means. Tink's waiting by the phone. She's waiting for love to call. Her ringer is jacked up loud so she won't miss it. "I wanna be loved by you," she sings. "Just hit my line, I want you in my line, boy." Along the way, she drops a reference to Rich Homie Quan's 'Type Of Way' and lets some silk harmonies slide on a slippery beat. And then: her phone rings.

2. 'When It Rains'

Thunder and rain rumble and splash to provide a mysterious atmosphere on this gloomy slow jam. It's a haunted tune about love as shelter and escape from a brutal outside world. Tink shows off her vocal range here, and she even raps for a second, proving she can merge the rapping and the singing and keep it all coherent and gimmick-free. "It must be the weather that brought us together," she sings. A superb cominbation.

1. 'Lullaby'

Last Friday, when we wrote about the 'Winter's Diary 2' tape, I said 'Lullaby' was its best song. I think that's still the case. Here's what I wrote: "'Ain't nothing wrong, falling in love,' Tink confirms on the blissful and dreamy track, her auto-tune-soaked declarations of love soaring wondrously and warm above the chilly, sparse beat. A perfect love song for the long, cold Chicago winter."

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