Listen to Blitz Kids' 'The Good Youth' Right Now

Listen to the British pop-punk band's third album in advance of its official release next week.
Blitz Kids
Blitz Kids © Julian Broad

British pop-punk band Blitz Kids drop their third album, 'The Good Youth,' in the UK next Monday, January 20, via Red Bull Records, but you can listen to it in its entirety right now.

The four members of Blitz Kids, who hail from Cheshire, England, have played together since they were 15. "We used to play heavier music," frontman Joe James said in the latest issue of the Red Bulletin. "We were young and rebelling.

"Now, musically, it's popular rock," added guitarist Jono Yates.

Yates also noted recently that the band tried to keep the songs more upbeat on 'The Good Youth.'

"We tried the make this one positive," he said, "because it's hard to listen to our last album now without diving head first into a pit of depression. The lyrics are so dark and gloomy, and the music itself is all in a minor key. We didn't want the same problem with this one, so we decided to make it really positive."

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