Pull Quote: Bun B On Exposing Shady Record Labels

UGK's Bun B talks about making up-and-coming rappers aware of how record labels can rip them off.
Bun B at A3C Festival
Bun B at A3C Festival © Ryan Purcell/Red Bull Content Pool
By Elliott Sharp

There are a ton of interviews out there in a variety of formats. You don't have time to read, watch, and listen to them all. So let us do it for you -- and pull out the best parts. In an interview with RBMA Radio, Texas rapper Bun B talks about how his group UGK once went on the radio to expose how their record label left them for broke.

"I remember the first time we went on the radio and told people we were broke. We didn't tell the radio station what we were doing, we were like 'Yo, we wanna come up and talk on the air today.' … So when they said 'What's up with UGK?' we said 'Shit, UGK is broke... We broke, the record company ain't paying us, we signed a fucked up deal, shit is fucked up, y'a'll bought all them records and I didn't get a dime of it.' People called up and were like, 'Why y'all didn't get paid?' So we pulled out the contract and started explaining to people, on the air, how fucked up our contract was. It gave the consumer an inside look into this shit... People didn't understand that type shit. 'You sold 500,000 records, shouldn't you get a check from that?' 'Nah, I can't get a check from that because, the way my deal works, I don't get paid of off that, I get paid off of this. I only get paid 7% of what money is made.' … People didn't know this type of thing. The consumer didn't know that shit about the game. We tried to expose as much of that shit as possible...

"One, for up and coming artists who might want to be us, it's important for you to know the game and have as much information as possible and know how these record companies will fuck over you. Two, you can front for people all you want, eventually they will see you for who you are. You keep talking about Benzes and Bentleys and all this money, eventually somebody's gonna see you get out of a car, and if it's not the Benz or the Bentley, you gonna get confronted. Like, 'Yo, Bun B, what's up? Is that you jumping out the Hyundai? What the fuck you doing in a Hyundai?'”

--- Bun B in an interview with RBMA Radio (listen above)

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