Gameface - 'The Quiet Type' Premiere

Listen to a new song from 'Now Is What Matters Now,' the band's first album in more than a decade.
Gameface © Kip Terry
By Richard S. Chang

In the 1990s, Orange County, California, just seemed to churn out awesome rock bands. One of the many was Gameface, which released their debut album, 'Good,' in 1993. 'Good' was, indeed, very good, and helped place the band on the same stages as No Doubt, The Offspring and other seminal bands of the era, before Gameface broke up in 2003.

But a couple of years ago Gameface came back together for a string of shows that inspired frontman Jeff Caudill to write the song 'Come On Down.' That led to work on a new album, their sixth, which is set to drop on March 18.

'Now Is What Matters Now,' via Equal Vision Records, features contributions from Kay Hanley of Letters To Cleo, Frank Daly of Big Drill Car, and Jon Bunch of Sense Field, among others. Today we're excited to premiere their latest single, 'The Quiet Type.'

As with Gameface songs of yore, Caudill's lyrics are personal and straightforward. "People like to talk a lot but few have much to say," he told us. "I wanted to illustrate the comfort that comes from not feeling like you have to constantly fill the air with unnecessary words -- and knowing when to just shut the hell up." Listen now.

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