Skrillex Asks Fans to Help Finish Unreleased Song

In his Reddit AMA, Skrillex asked fans to help him decide on a future release.
Skrillex at HARD Day of the Dead
Skrillex at HARD Day of the Dead © Erik Voake
By Winston Page

Skrillex was on Reddit AMA this afternoon for a couple of hours. One of the last questions he answered was about 'Bug Hunt,' his song that was featured in the Disney movie 'Wreck It Ralph.'

"Gotta ask it," wrote ShotsLotta on Reddit. "Why did you release a remix of Bug Hunt and not the original? The original is way too good to remain unreleased forever."

Skrillex replied, "It was meant to just live in the Hero's Duty scene of Wreck It Ralph... also its not really a full song. It was just sort of made to fit the scene of the movie. I've just moved onto so many other things since i finished working on that movie.. But perhaps one day i'll open up that project file again and complete it..."

The AMA went on, and Skrillex answered a couple more questions, but the comments kept coming in, pleading him to finish the track. "I hope that day comes really fast!!! we need this bad boy," wrote aldolaram. "Please do! It's amazing... Or you could always send me the project file to play about with ;) haha!" wrote JLev1.

Skrillex finally revisited the question.

"But forreall," he wrote, "didnt realize how many of you really love OG bughunt... Puts a new fire under my ass to finish it, put it out... but here's the question.. There are 2 versions..Which to do prefer? The one i played at Tomorrowland 2012 Or the one thats at the end of the "Skrillex in Mexico" clip?"

So, Skrillex faithful, which version of 'Bug Hunt' do you prefer? For your reference, we have both below.

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