I Was on a Plane to Austin With Pusha T

I saw him, he didn't see me.
Salva and Pusha T
Salva and Pusha T Joining Forces © Robert Snow/Red Bull Media House
By Elliott Sharp

Yesterday, while boarding a flight from Atlanta to Austin, there was a familiar face sitting in first class. IT WAS PUSHA T.

He was gazing happily into his mobile phone. Probably doing something very important, like texting with his brother Malice about not making a new Clipse album, or playing Words With Friends with Kendrick Lamar.

I didn't see Pusha again when our plane landed in Austin. I looked around -- he was gone. So I went straight to The Belmont, the venue where tonight Earl Sweatshirt kicks off Red Bull Sound Select's 4 Days In Austin.

A few hours later, I was standing in what seemed like an impossible line to see Pusha perform at a PlayStation party at The Vulcan. The line extended down the entire block on 6th, between Trinity and Neches Streets. I was behind a hundred or so very eager people, and it seemed like I would never get in.

Standing on the street, I could hear at least 10 different bands playing at the same time. It sounded like a 311-y mush -- some sort of dystopian soundtrack perfect for being in a massive line that never moves. And everything smelled like pizza. This continued for over one hour.

Eventually, the line started moving. I got in just after 8 p.m. Then there was more waiting.

Inside, some people were partcipating in some confusing PlayStation 4 tournament. There was so much smoke in the venue, I couldn't tell what was happening. It wasn't much fun to watch. The soundsystem, though, sounded very good. When the DJ played A$AP Ferg's 'Shabba,' people got briefly excited. When he played a Meek Mill song, the bass made the 76ers hat on my head vibrate.

But where was Pusha? I waited for two hours -- no Pusha. So I left. He probably played five minutes later. Definitely not. When I walked past The Vulcan again, over an hour later, there was still a huge line out front, and no live music coming from inside.

Oh, well. I really wanted to see King Push do 'Numbers On The Board.' There will be another opportunity today.

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