Phantogram Got All Artsy at the Napster Party

Thought the video for 'Fall In Love' was cool? It's waaay better live.
Phantogram © Richard S. Chang
By Richard S. Chang

Phantogram played a set at Bird's Barbershop on Tuesday night far from the maddening downtown Austin crowd. This wasn't your run-of-the-mill, line-around-the-block showcase. It was private event for Napster, which held a panel discussion before the show discussing the disruptive forces in music.

One of the members of the panel was Joshua Davis, the acclaimed visual artist and the creative force behind the video for Phantogram's 'Fall In Love,' the latest single off the band's sophomore album, 'Voice,' which just came out on Republic Records.

In the video, Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter perform against a white background as swirling and shifting black-and-white patterns project over them. During the Napster performance -- for about 50 very lucky people -- the duo recreated the video in a way through a handful of songs, mostly off 'Voices,' as Davis manipulated the visuals live. The effect was like stepping into 'A Clockwork Orange' -- a psychedlic version of 'A Clockwork Orange.' And between songs, Sarah said, with swirling shapes across her body, "I feel like I'm on drugs."

Before Phantogram's final song, 'Fall In Love,' Sarah gave a quick story behind the song's hard-hitting beat. Josh Carter had created it with the hopes of Jay Z discovering it to rhyme over. That didn't happen. But we got a cool pop song out of it.

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