ScHoolboy and Tyler Join Earl Sweatshirt in Austin

Earl played. Tyler, the Creator joined him. Then ScHoolboy Q. Welcome to 4 Days In Austin.
Earl Sweatshirt at 4 Days In Austin
Earl Sweatshirt at 4 Days In Austin © Jeremy Deputat/Red Bull Content Pool

Overheard in the bathroom inside the Belmont at 11:15 p.m. last night: "Oh, I heard that Tyler and Frank Ocean are going to show up tonight." The "source" was almost right. Tyler, the Creator joined Earl Sweatshirt on stage for most of his headlining set. Frank Ocean didn't show up. But ScHoolboy Q did at the end to bounce a little, rap a little and help crank the night way up.

Earl arrived straight from Denmark for his only performance this week in Austin (and he's heading straight back to continue his European tour). Right after his first song, a beer can flew onto the stage. Earl stopped the song but didn't let the interruption spoil the show. "Who was it? Who was it?" he yelled from the stage. That was when Tyler emerged in a white T-shirt, green hat and shorts. "Yo! Yo! Yo! Chill," he shouted, before lightening the mood. "Whoever threw that, I applaud you because everytime I come to [this festival in Austin] I get hit in the face by a water bottle, so you" -- meaning Earl -- "deserve it."

The rest of set, which started around midnight and lasted more than an hour, ended without any other projectile interference. Prior to Earl's set, Red Bull Sound Select artists took the stage. Thurz opened the night with a pared down version of his usual 11-piece band. The stage was still filled as the LA rapper charged through a furious set. Denitia and Sene mellowed the mood with an atmospheric set of deftly crafted neo-soul songs. Lil Herb, whose flight from Chicago was cancelled due to weather and had to drive from Houston, made it just in time to raise the energy back up, where it remained for Earl, Tyler, and finally ScHoolboy Q, who came out for the last song.

4 Days In Austin continues tonight at The Belmont with Twin Shadow, Jagwar Ma, Shy Girls and Bagheera.

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