Need to Know: The Wyld

You’re about to hear much more of New Zealand trio The Wyld. Get in the know before everyone else.
New Zealand three-piece The Wyld pose for a portrait
Auckland’s rap-rock trio The Wyld
By Chris Parkin

The buzz

The Wyld are New Zealand’s most exciting export since the landscape in Lord of the Rings and, well, Lorde. And we’re not the only ones who think so. The hip-hop trio’s Odyssey single was recently awarded the honour of being Spotify’s third “most viral track”.

According to the The New York Times, that’s the number of people who shared the track divided by the number who listened to it via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Spotify between February 10-16. Easier to digest, though, is the information that The Wyld placed higher than fully-fledged pop stars Lana Del Rey, David Guetta and Sam Smith. Since then the lyric video for Odyssey has surged past 130,000 plays – racking up an impressive 96,000 in two weeks in February alone.


The Wyld formed in 2010. Guitarist and studio wiz Joe Pascoe met Sudanese poet-cum-rapper Mo Kheir at university, before US-born singer Brandon Black entered the fray. Since then the trio have worked at fusing together their love of hip-hop, alt rock and soundtrack music. The result? An artful brew of experimental rock, blues, RZA's cinematic soundscapes, and the intimate gloom of trip hop. Mo’s flow is infectious, his rhymes dark yet funny.

The trio’s debut album, Preface, climbed to number four in the New Zealand charts in 2012. Impressed by their ambition, Red Bull Studios Auckland invited The Wyld in to work on new music in August 2013. It was in these sessions, which saw them draft in former Paramore drummer Zac Farro, that they began recording the Abstract EP currently making waves around the world.

The future

Predictably for a band on the verge of big things, The Wyld have been lured to the US for a series of live showcases (March 24 at the Bardot-Hollywood, Los Angeles, and March 30 at The Brooklyn Bowl, New York) and – we’re hazarding a guess here – some intriguing collaborations. The trio are also off to Toronto in May to perform at the Canadian Music Week. So North Americans, you’ve been warned. The trio are also releasing a proper bling-and-all video to Odyssey, which they shot in Qatar.

If you only do one thing…

Become a fly on the wall and see how The Wyld went about bringing together their vast arsenal of influences at Red Bull Studios Auckland during the recording of Odyssey. Then maybe do one more thing and download their brilliant Abstract EP right here.

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