P Diddy and Guy Gerber Preview '11 11' Project

He's still Diddy for his Guy Gerber collab, which he previewed in the Red Bull Guest House.

P Diddy and Guy Gerber - '1111'
P Diddy and Guy Gerber - '1111'

Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy, a.k.a. P Diddy, a.k.a. Puff Daddy, held a small listening party on Saturday night at Red Bull Guest House, in Miami, for his upcoming "underground dance" album with Guy Gerber, '11 11.'

With the EDM sounds of Guest House and Ultra swarming across the city for Miami Music Week, it was the perfect opportunity for the Bad Boy Records founder to share, for the first time, the songs he has been working on with Israeli DJ/producer Gerber since at least 2012.

Shortly after 11:11 p.m., Diddy entered The Gale Hotel's Rec Room, where about 50 people were eagerly awaiting his arrival, and he immediately grabbed the microphone. Diddy said he wanted to call the album 'Ketamine,' but him and Gerber agreed on '11 11' instead. He insisted the album is not necessarily dance music, but that it is genre-less.

“It ain't for everybody,” Diddy said. And he specifically said it is not for fans of wild EDM who want to “jump up and down like a pogo-stick.” He did, however, say '11 11' is for “demented, after hours minds.”

After Diddy's brief introduction, Gerber pushed play on the un-mixed tracks while Diddy took a seat and occasionally shook people's hands.

The music we heard was definitely not similar to the EDM artists playing Ultra this week, such as Tiesto, Diplo, Afrojack and Deadmau5. These were extended, slow-building, minimally shifting, and often ambient techno and house tracks. The bass and beats were anthemic and muscular, but there were no massive Skrillex-style drops. It was, as Diddy promised, “demented, after hours” music.

When Diddy said “It ain't for everybody,” he was likely speaking about his hip-hop fans. But Diddy has a rap album coming out soon, too: Last week, Diddy announced he will be once again calling himself Puff Daddy, and that he will soon be releasing a new hip-hop album titled 'Money Making Mitch.' The first single, 'Big Homie,' features Rick Ross and French Montana.

The release dates for both albums, '11 11' and 'Money Making Mitch,' are unknown.

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