Premiere: Sicko Mobb's New 'Mulah' Mixtape

Listen to the latest mixtape by the rising Chicago rap duo.
Sicko Mobb © Hank Pearl/Red Bull Content Pool
By Elliott Sharp

"Turn up music."

This is how Chicago rappers Lil Ceno and Lil Trav often describe the music they make together as Sicko Mobb. That's the phrase Ceno used when we interviewed Sicko Mobb last year, and he said the same thing when I spoke to him on the phone yesterday.

We also spoke about "Mulah," the new Sicko Mobb mixtape Red Bull Music is excited to premiere today.

"It’s about saving your money, spending your money, girls and life," explained Ceno. "Things done changed up, so it’s about our new life and the money we get. Saving money is a challenge, but you learn from your mistakes. We spent money when we was younger, now we learn how to save it.”

"Mulah" arrives quickly after the Red Bull Sound Select group's "Super Saiyan, Vol. 2," one of April's best mixtapes. Like their previous projects, "Mulah" — featuring production and guest appearances by Sinjin Hawke, Drippin, 808 Mafia and others — focuses on up-tempo, fast-paced, Auto-Tune-soaked, jubilantly melodic party music. Listen below.

Speaking of parties and music, if you're in Chicago this weekend, you'll have a chance to hear Ceno and Trav unleash tracks from "Mulah" live.

On Saturday (May 23), Sicko Mobb perform at a Red Bull Sound Select showcase at Chicago's Thalia Hall. They'll open for Thundercat, the Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus affiliated bassist and singer. For more info about the show, and to RSVP, go to

Sicko Mobb — “Mulah” Tracklist

1. “This Is How We Rock” (ft. Sinjin Hawke, Drippin)
2. “Robin Jeans” (ft. 808 Mafia TM)
3. “Mulah Medusa”
4. “Jaguar”
5. “Stylin Wildin”
6. “Make S—t Happen” (ft. Ikon)
7. “Ana S—t” (ft. Cargo Leek)
8. “Save A Lot”(ft. C – Sick)
9. “Audi”
10. “Supposed To Be” (ft. C – Sick)
11. “She Da Thang” (ft. Mud Gang)
12. “Stunt on Em” (ft. Young Boyz)
13. “Count Gs”
14. “Win This Year” (ft. BrownsTownMusic)
15. “Good Gracious” (ft. Young Heavy)
16. “Street Wit Bro”
17. “Gang & Mobb”

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