B-Boy Icon Crazy Legs Captions Photos From Career

Rock Steady Crew leader Crazy Legs tells us about his pioneering career in photos.
Crazy Legs © Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Content Pool
By Elliott Sharp

Crazy Legs, president of the Rock Steady Crew, the legendary New York City b-boy crew that he co-founded in the late-1970s, has taken b-boying from the streets of the Bronx and Manhattan to Carnegie Hall and all around the world.

Born Richard Colón, Crazy Legs is constantly elevating the culture and pushing the art form forward in singular ways.

From his appearances in classic films like "Wild Style" and "Style Wars" and on television shows, such as "Dancing with the Stars," to hosting events like the recent Red Bull BC One Cypher in Washington, D.C., Crazy Legs never stops moving. And Rock Steady Crew is the longest running hip-hop dance group of its kind. Later this month he will receive a lifetime achievement award from the Ronald McDonald House.

With the Red Bull BC One North America Finals — the largest b-boy competition of its kind — coming up on Aug. 22, we reached out to Crazy Legs and had him take us through some milestones in his career. From dancing at New York City schoolyards to the Red Bull BC One stage in Paris, here's what he had to say.

1982: Soulsonic Force show, New York City

"WOW! I still have that shirt. I like looking at my afro, but my feet may have been smelly on that day. No socks!"

Crazy Legs © Ebet Roberts/Redferns

1983: Rock Steady Crew at JHS 54 Schoolyard, New York City

"I can't help but to think of the word 'FRESH.' Those were fun times — innocent, yet guilty. Rock Steady Crew was 500 deep, and we were ghetto celebs."

Crazy Legs © Linda Vartoogian/Getty Images

2005: Rock Steady Crew at VH1 Hip Hop Honors

"And why didn't the Lockers and Electric Boogaloos get one — before, during or after that? That award is tucked away and means nothing to me. I question the criteria."

Crazy Legs © Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic

2006: With Ice T, Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and others at Smithsonian's "Hip-hop Won’t Stop: The Beat, The Rhymes, The Life" exhibit

"Grandmaster Flash's speeches are way too dramatic and long. LOL."

Crazy Legs © Scott Gries/Getty Images

2007: Rock Steady on "Dancing with the Stars"

"It's nice to be on a show and represent the essence of what we do. We were a feature and not background dancers. That always says a lot. I should have left the do-rag home!"


2014: At Red Bull BC One World Final, Paris

"I didn't want to dance that night. No warm up, an injury, jeans and new Jordan's are not my first preference to dance in. But I wanted to do a better set than Ken Swift. So I got motivated real fast. It's the nature of the beast in a b-boy."

Crazy Legs at Red Bull BC One © Little Shao/Red Bull Content Pool

2015: At Red Bull BC One Cypher, Washington, D.C.

"All that sweat and I didn't dance. Who turned up the heat?"

Crazy Legs at Red Bull BC One © Drew Gurian / Red Bull Content Pool

2015: At Central Park SummerStage, New York City

"What better way to celebrate the healing after surgery than to dance on stage at the Rock Steady Crew anniversary? It was just a sign to people that I'm still here and ready to take it up a notch or two."

Crazy Legs © Donna Ward/Getty Images

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