Race Banyon Hits Jackpot With Ty Dolla $ign

Listen to the New Zealander's new song, "What Are We Doing?," with rapper Ty Dolla $ign and DJ Dahi.
Race Banyon and DJ Dahi © Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Content Pool
By Elliott Sharp

Eddie Johnston is the 19-year-old New Zealand musician behind Lontalius and Race Banyon. The latter is the Red Bull Sound Select artist's production-focused project, which today shared a new song, "What Are We Doing?," that features producer DJ Dahi (who has worked with Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, Vince Staples) and rapper Ty Dolla $ign.

“I’m a big fan of his," says Johnston of Ty Dolla $ign. "I love his voice and his sense of melody. I love the new wave of rappers and R&B artists who are crossing over, and Ty’s music has always sounded super creative to me."

Ty Dolla $ign at Red Bull Studios LA © Carlo Cruz/Red Bull Content Pool

"It was inspiring and amazing to see [Ty Dolla $ign] working in the studio and to see his work ethic," continues Johnston. "He had everything perfectly setup and ready to go, and I thought it was really incredible. There I was, just a dorky kid from New Zealand, and here’s Ty Dolla $ign. And he’s Ty Dolla $ign, so everything he does is automatically great.”

Listen to "What Are We Doing?" below. Pay close attention to the unique type of existential dread that haunts Ty Dolla as he wonders whether he is too sexy for, in short, the world.

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