D.R.A.M. Now Has His Own 16-Bit Video Game

"Broccoli" rapper D.R.A.M. teams up with emerging artist Connor Pearson for the Free Fall game.
D.R.A.M. in Free Fall video game
D.R.A.M. in 16-bit Fashion
By Bailey Pennick

In October, Connor Pearson and “Broccoli” mastermind D.R.A.M. teamed up to drop a slinky, groove-filled track called “Free Fall.” It’s a track that will wiggle its way into your head and swirl around for the rest of your day (or week).

Now, in addition to muttering the words to "Free Fall" under your breath for hours, you can feed your Pearson/D.R.A.M. obsession while competing for a high score in the new Free Fall video game. Yes, that’s right, the duo has been turned into two grinning 16-bit characters and are ready to play.

Connor Pearson DRAM Free Fall Video Game
Ready to play?
Connor Pearson DRAM Free Fall Video Game
Connor Pearson in 16-bit Fashion

First, pick your character and get ready to collect good things (money, hearts, broccoli, stars, guitars) while avoiding bad things (broken hearts, poop) in emoji form as you free fall over the city. It might sound easy, but the speed will get you!

Try your hand at the Free Fall video game now and learn more about Pearson here.

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