Enter the barefoot world of loop artist Idgy Dean

Go loopy for for the Red Bull Music Academy alumnus in an exclusive stripped session.
By Bella Todd

A barefoot and boiler-suited Stripped Session this week from Idgy Dean, Brooklyn’s self-proclaimed ‘feminist loop artist’, who likes to build songs from the bottom up and explore gender and infinity theories while she’s at it.

A 2016 RBMA Montreal Alumni, Lindsay Sanwald has been looping since she got her first Little Tykes microphone and drum set. But she served time as the only woman in several indie-rock and hardcore bands before declaring the loop machine to be her main instrument and forging a solo career around the raw interplay of her high-floating vocals, circling guitar lines and rough drum beats. She’s a lover of the demo aesthetic and the creative quirks at the core of all great songs.

She’s also considerably raising the game for emerging artist biographies. Take the fact she won a Fulbright Scholarship to make an album and teach literature in Argentina. Or the fact her last album, Ominous Harminus, was partly inspired by a person jumping in front of her subway train. Or the fact her dad road-managed for the 1910 Fruitgum Company, best known for the children’s-game based pop song, Simon Says. (OK, maybe not that one).

Sanwald also composed the live score for ‘queer feminist epic cyborg time travel thing’ The ETLE Universe, says she committed herself to music over literature after attending both a David Byrne gig and a séance, and was given her stage name (equal parts James Dean and the tomboy protagonist of Fried Green Tomatoes) by a shaman called Diana who she met on the road in Italy. What can we tell you, she’s one interesting woman.

Watch Idgy Dean exclusively perform 108 in the player above and Jazinka/32 in the player below.

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