Firefly 2017 Lineup Breakdown

The Weeknd, Bob Dylan, Muse and Chance the Rapper will rock the fan-curated festival in Delaware.
Firefly Festival crowd
Firefly Festival crowd © aLIVE Coverage
By Bailey Pennick

What: Firefly Music Festival
Where: Dover, Delaware
When: June 15-18
Tickets: On sale here

The five acts you definitely should not miss for any reason whatsoever

Firefly is unlike any other music festival out there because it really takes its fans into consideration. So, of course, it makes total sense that Firefly’s 2017 lineup is eclectic and pretty interesting. Out with the cookie cutter and in with the strange!

Over the fest’s four days you should make sure you’re present to see Chance the Rapper, Franz Ferdinand, Anna Lunoe, Warm Brew and Bob Dylan. Yeah, these picks might seem a little jumbled, but, trust us, they’re worth gluing your eyes to the stage for.

Chance the Rapper is having a moment. Or, really, he’s having a whole string of insane moments, but the point is the same — he’s on a shooting star all the way to the top and his creative, energetic and high-kick-filled performances are helping spread his message. Now that the hip-hop artist is topping bills, his theatrics and community building will only keep getting better.

Franz Ferdinand, on the other hand, is a group that’s been quiet for a while. Their last album came out in 2013 and since then they’ve been collaborating and paling around with LA’s art-rock legends Sparks. This means that Franz Ferdinand’s already dramatic live performances are now going to feature a bit more, well, spark to them. Give in to the nostalgia for “Take Me Out” and the criminally underrated “Tonight: Franz Ferdinand” and jump around. You know they’ll be doing the same onstage.

Anna Lunoe’s been making waves in the EDM world for a while now. Last year, she became the first solo female DJ to perform on EDC’s main stage and now she’s popping up on lineups across the globe.

Get to the festival grounds early to check out up-and-coming rap trio Warm Brew who make each show feel like you’re part of their crew. It also will help in the future when you can actually say you saw them when they were just cracking.

Finally, why would you miss a chance to see Bob Dylan? Not only is he a living legend with such a deep catalog that he could pull from, he’s also a Nobel Prize winner for literature. The Nobel Prize committee honored him and he didn’t even show up, he’s going to be at Firefly. Don’t sleep on it!

Firefly Festival
Firefly Festival © aLIVE Coverage

The three acts you could watch while eating a corn dog

Everyone knows that you’ve got to eat during a music festival and that there’s only a few windows that will let you chow down. Once you get your festival food in your hands, grab a seat and watch Weezer, Sir the Baptist and OK GO soundtrack your meal.

Weezer is like a comfort food in itself. You know their sound, you know their fun West Coast vibes and you definitely know the words to their hits. Yes, they’ll play songs from their 2016 self-titled LP ("The White Album"), but you know they’ll also time travel all the way back to their 1994 self-titled debut ("The Blue Album") for epic sing-alongs to “Buddy Holly” and “Say it Ain’t So.”

The unbridled energy of rising Chicago rapper Sir the Baptist is mesmerizing and the theatrics of his live show — including coming out in a coffin in some instances — are unmatched. To appreciate the whole scope of his life affirming message, sit back with your snack and watch the crowd go nuts.

OK GO’s always got crowd participation baked into their colorful and love-filled sets, but sometimes you just want to bop your head to the quartet’s fun sounds (and ooh and aah at the pretty lights).

Firefly Festival
Firefly Festival © Lauren Summers

The one act that you'll be talking about for weeks after

The magic of Firefly’s lineup is that it zigs where other festival lineups zag (cough Coachella, Gov Ball cough), but there will definitely still those surprise-filled moments. Kesha will be that act this year. This will be her first major festival appearance and it will be on the heels of her SXSW speaking engagement. With the Dr. Luke case (almost) behind her, Kesha will definitely have plenty of material to wow anyone.

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