Perus flee the frozen North

Perus are that most dangerous of skateboarding’s groupings - they are a gang.
By Niall Neeson

Based out of Finland, they were among the first real nomads of the European scene, Wintering in the sunnier climes of Spain and picking up strays from America, Argentina, and the UK along the way including the newly announced Perus Wheels teamrider Ross McGouran.

Eniz Fazliov, nosegrind © Deeli

Perus have a prodigious work rate when it comes to cranking out videos. Punching above their weight in the coverage stakes, this motley crew has more established brands on the run with their mix of solid friendships and raw skating- two things we salute here!

Miika Sandelin, no comply to tail © Deeli

Although as younger men they may have once had the reputation of being a little bit… shall we say…rowdy on their adventures, the thing that comes across from their numerous edits is a real sense that they appreciate the cultures of the countries they travel to and make their temporary homes.

Pirkka Pollari, nosepick © Deeli

This is especially true of the South of Spain, where they often set up base camp. They were among the first skaters to look beyond Barcelona at what that wonderful country has to offer.

Foppa Forsberg, switch heel © Deeli

So here we present to you Perus’ 2013: alongside a photographic team profile by photographer Tuukka Kaila, filmer Travis Adams has created this montage edit of this year’s escape from -and return to- the frozen North. Enjoy, get inspired, save, plan and get out in the sunshine. The world is yours.

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