8th Annual Day of Familia

The three-part event celebrates the strong Midwest skate scene.

© Joe Hammeke

One of the most beloved events for skateboarders in the Twin Cities is Day of Familia. It’s a right of spring, a chance to put a clear end to each year’s hibernation, to see friends without their jackets, and to celebrate a skateboard scene, which persists proudly despite cold and snowy winters.

Day of Familia marks the anniversary of the opening of Familia Skateshop, owned by Send Help Skateboards pro, Steve Nesser. The event, held annually with Minnesota spring, firmly in grasp, took place May 18th at noon with a free skate jam at Nesser’s one-year-old indoor skatepark, Familia Headquarters. Those who showed had first swing at the newly released DC x Familia Tonik, a shoe with a colorway thought up by none other than local boy done good, DC and Familia team rider, Davis Torgerson.

Davis Torgerson signs for some fans.

Torgerson came home for the skate jam, along with fellow DC and Real Skateboards team guys in tow. “It’s amazing to come back home and bring some guys that aren’t from here and come skate and see some old friends,” Torgerson said.

Cyril Jackson frontside feeble at the Familia HQ.© Joe Hammeke

Following the jam at Familia Headquarters, the action moved to Familia Uptown which featured new work from Todd Bratrud, whose artwork has been featured on plenty skateboards from plenty of brands, including Consolidated, Flip, Enjoi, and most recently, Send Help. The show was called “Party Animals,” a foreshadowing of the night’s final events.

Crowd at Familia Skateshops uptown art show.© Joe Hammeke

“Everybody ripped; thanks to everybody who came out and made Day of Familia possible,” Steve Nesser said. He also said thank you to all the skaters, Jim Thiebaud, Jeff Taylor, Ben Taylor, Darin Howard, and Chris Ray. With another successful Day of Familia under his belt, Nesser said he would try to keep things moving forward, perhaps with a little bit longer of a view towards the ten-year anniversary.

Steve Nesser inside Familia HQ.© Joe Hammeke