Internal exile in the Eastern Bloc

Virus Skateboards and friends skip school across Bulgaria.
By Niall Neeson

Virus is the only domestic skateboard company in Bulgaria. In their ten- year existence they have been at the forefront of anything skate- wise in this Southern- European country of incredible culture and diversity.
Run from an upstairs office in the old immigrant neighbourhood of Sofia, the whole thing just feels funky. Young rippers come by to get a trade price old model or to snap fingers at footage on the editing computers.

Asenovgrad, Bulgaria © Virus Skateboards

Clichéd as it may sound in today’s world, Virus is less of a ‘proper’ brand and more of a collective banner for a wide family of skate rats young and old whose friendships reach across the entire country.
Over the decade they have hosted many visitors on legendary tours, but Bulgaria as a place is still largely undiscovered. So add that to the dire political and financial situations, and this year they decided to go back to their roots.

Virus crew © Virus Skateboards

They would travel their own country along the backroads, sleeping on ramps in vineyards, with little or no money but much heart.
Relying on historic friendships and hospitality, they visited all the local scenes in the vast country’s least visited spaces. The edit of the riders and their friends is a portal into an exotic place at an interesting time for their scene- and an invite to see this remarkable place for yourself one day soon.

Petko Mitev, nollie front nose, Haskovo © Virus Skateboards
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