Real Skateboards in Minneapolis

The Real Skateboards team dodges the summer rain to skate the streets of Minneapolis.
By Joe Hammeke

So we were off to Minneapolis aka the Twin Cities aka the Mini Apple. This time for a quick week with a few of the guys from Real Skateboards. The plan was to first meet up with Minneapolis local and Real team rider Davis Torgerson and celebrate 8 years of Familia Skateshop. He was already showing a crew of his other teammates from DC shoes around when we arrived so we all posse’ed up and headed to Familia Skateshop.

James Hardy, Barley Grind © Joe Hammeke

Since the forecast called for rain all of the days we were scheduled to be in Minneapolis, once the skies cleared we decided to hit the streets that very afternoon. Straight to downtown Minneapolis where we were immediately kicked out of everywhere. Seems that the security guards must have had each other on speed dial because after the first spot, the rest of them had guards waiting upon our arrival.

Jake Donnelley, Frontside Crooked Grind © Joe Hammeke

With downtown being pretty much a bust we headed to the suburban office parks and school yards for the remainder of our stay. At least in most of those areas we only had to dodge the rain.

Na'Kel Smith, Ollie © Joe Hammeke

By the end of our stay there had been enough breaks in the weather and enough unguarded spots for us to amass quite a few tricks. Of which you see here. Enjoy.

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