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Rumble, young man, rumble!
By Niall Neeson

Paul Regan came up hard in the UK scene with a barnstorming debut part for his board sponsor Fabric. His part is now being touted as the benchmark for all UK Ams to step to if they want to come up.

Paul Regan
Paul Regan © Corey Westwell

Your debut part for UK brand Fabric was what people call an internet sensation: how long did it take you to film it and where is it mostly shot?

Don't know where to begin- thanks for that, mate! Well I wouldn't call it a sensation, but I'm glad people enjoyed it. I had a good time filming for it, bar a few set- backs.
It was mostly filmed in Hull believe it or not, parts in Sheffield, and the odd bits elsewhere. I'd say it took me just under a year to do, but the thing is with the filming, I had no HD filmer up here, so any time I filmed something it'd be every other month which was quite frustrating. I'd get a couple of clips down one weekend, then not film anything from a month to three months due to not having anyone up here. I had to either travel to Sheffield and film some clips with Matt Hirst, or wait for guys to be able to come up to Hull and get something going. It was a nightmare in that sense but going out and filming it was good times. Thanks to the guys who put the effort and time in to film me.

You come from Hull, who’s most famous skateboarding son was Blueprint’s Scott Palmer. Was he a big early influence on you, and what did his shop 4 Down mean to the Hull scene?

Scott has been a great influence on me and my skateboarding, in my early years and to this day. Scott's a good mate and has always given me good advice, which I'm really grateful for, thanks Scott.
4 Down created a heart for Hull's skateboarding scene, people who came to the shop hooked up with other people that they'd not met before and went to skate, back then were the best times, I fully cherish those memories to this day.
It's sad the shop closed but all good things come to an end at some point, I think everyone who was a part of that era still holds it close to them as being some of the best times in their life to date.

Why should people look out for Fabric?

Fabric is a different board brand to most UK ones at the moment; I think it holds its own identity which is good. Other brands in the UK do too, but Fabric stands out quite well. It's mellow, has good designs, it's bright and colourful which I think is good for catching the eye, plus the dudes behind it are legit and are 100% about doing things properly as you might be able to tell from how fast it's grown in the past couple of years.
I think doing things properly is the best way to go about having a brand or doing anything in life, no point doing it half- hearted as it won’t reach its full potential. Watch this space for more Fabric- related things happening soon! Thanks to Dave for asking me to ride for Fabric, I'm truly grateful for the opportunity.

Paul Regan, Backside Kickflip
Paul Regan, Backside Kickflip © Rob Salmon

You are also into martial arts- what’s the difference between Kickboxing and MMA?

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts; kickboxing is one of the big parts that are the make up of MMA, it's a mixture of kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu, grappling and so on.
I train in both, but I like stand up more- kickboxing, boxing… it's not called 'Cage Fighting' by the way either, for some people that may think it is out there (laughs)- a lot of people call it that and walk around in UFC shirts who are just 'fans' of it, but don't do it.

Right now you are working on a Mag Minute, how is that coming along?

It's coming along well thanks, pretty stoked to be doing it and being able to get US coverage. I’ve been filming for it over the past couple of months, it's not as full- on as my Fabric part was, just more chilled, but hopefully going to have a few good bits in there which I'll be stoked on... well I hope to have! (Laughs).

Final standard one: what are your immediate plans, and what about long- term?

Immediate plans are just living for now and enjoying life as I'm only young, still. Keeping on top of my skating, always good to be pro-active I think… continuing working on my skate coaching with the kids, I really enjoy that- good to help the next generation.
Long term, I'm at a stage now with my skating where I'd like to travel a lot more- the States especially, I've got a trip in mind for L.A. in late summer for a month or so, the place is amazing.
I’ll continue to train hard with kickboxing and enjoy it, I feel lucky to be where I am right now with skateboarding so I'm taking full advantage of it, and hopefully will do for years to come.

Any thanks?
I'd just like to thank the people that have helped me out and supported my skating, it's always good to give the people who support you a mention; a lot of people take and don't give much back, so I like to always make sure the people who help me know it's appreciated!
So thanks to my family, friends, Sidewalk Mag, Dave and Bish at Fabric Skateboards, Jerome & Alan at Shiner, Gary & Bryan at Destructo Trucks, Mikel, Nate, Darin at Deluxe/Spitfire Wheels, Dave at Native Skate Store and Mark at Subculture in Hull- it's much appreciated. Cheers to you all.

Thanks for your time, Paul.

No worries mate, thanks for asking me to do this, I really appreciate it!

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