Checkout: Keith Walsh

Ireland’s Keith Walsh crashes and burns.
By Niall Neeson

Keith Walsh has been called the great white hope of Irish skateboarding. From Tampa Am to Phoenix Park, he talks to us about his Sidewalk interview, Reell Jeans video part, and why he doesn’t like doctors.

Keith. © Robert Christ

Keith Walsh- as I live and breathe…
How are ya man? What’s the story?

Well let’s get right down to it Keith- I want to start recent and work back a bit if that’s alright?
Yeah that’s perfect.

So tell me about your little crash, what happened?
Ah yeah, yeah… we were out skating a few nights ago on the far side of Dublin, myself and a few of the lads, and we were bombing back through Phoenix Park, and there’s a series of little roundabouts there but the street lighting is terrible because of the trees, and there’s one with no lighting at all, you would hardly know it was there. So we just caught it and stacked a bit. My back has been a bit sore since, but I don’t go to hospital- I don’t like doctors or any of that- so I’ll give it a few more days and then back on the board!

You’re in the wrong game if you don’t like hospitals…
Ah sure- it’s the story of my life.

So what happens if you hurt yourself skating rails?
Same thing really, just try to shake it off; take it as it comes really.

Can we talk about your times at the Tampa Am contest? Is it a worthwhile thing to do?

Yeah, it’s really good- there’s so many skaters from all over the place (at Tampa Am) that it’s a good way to see who is doing what all in one place. It’s good to fly the flag for Ireland in the mix out there.

So you have a full part for the new Reell video ‘Reellax’ already shot…
Most of it is there, let’s put it like that; I’m always about trying to get a last few bits and bobs.

…and a full interview for Sidewalk Magazine too?
That’s right. But again, I’d like to get a few more things for that as well. It’s just that I can’t fall on my left side at all right now… once that’s cleared up I’ll be back on it again.

And finally to Dublin then- am I right in saying there are two indoor parks in Dublin now?
You’re right, there are. That’s where everyone goes when the weather is bad now. You’ve got S.O.D (Skatepark Of Dublin) and GTF…

Which one’s better?
…Ah, Man! (Thinks) They’re both equally as good as each other. You get the occasional drip on the floor when it’s really bad but sure that’s nothing to what it’s like outside here in the Winter.

Thanks for your time Keith, good to catch up.
No problem- thank you.

Keith Walsh, nosebluntslide.
Keith Walsh, nosebluntslide. © Robert Christ
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