Photo Story: Chatillon d'Azergues

D.I.Y on a grander scale.

It’s the typical small village where you’d expect to find a shitty skatepark with metal obstacles lost behind the stadium with a few scooter kids using it. It’s the kind of place where you’d think there’s nothing to put underneath your wheels.
Big mistake.
Choubi, Chaussette (Socks) and Floyd, three guys hailing from Grenoble and members of the M16 association L.P.T.B, spent more than 6 months creating this concrete gem .
Cold and bad weather conditions didn’t help but young locals and a few volunteers were always keen to give a hand.
A really tight budget but also a strong motivation, sweat and blood, were enough to move the 16 tonnes of cement needed to build the thing. Cement was made in a tiny concrete mixer. All the effort is now rewarded: the trannies are steep, coping grinds perfectly and lines are smooth.
An initiative and a project to salute : when skateboarding passioneers build, the results can only be magic.