Photo Story: Rich Odam Rail Gallery

Shoot rails around the world.
By Sam McGuire

Vancouver based photographer Rich Odam’s work has taken him around the world shooting the top skaters skate some of the best spots. No matter it be the hot muggy streets of Costa Rica, crowded cities in China or the picturesque landscape of Portland, he constantly found himself shooting on rails. It’s possibly one of the most popular obstacles to skate, comes in many shapes and sizes and makes for some great photos. In this gallery, Rich shares with us some of his favorite photos shot on rails over the years.

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Andrew Summersides, Nosegrind
Andrew Summersides, Nosegrind "To skate this spot we had to pay about 25 cents entrance fee in order to get in the sporting complex it's in, security guards kept kicking us out, so we skated the skatepark located inside as well. After a good break we went back and Andrew got the land." © Rich Odam
Tyler Holm, Crooked Grind
Tyler Holm, Crooked Grind "This roller coaster rail is located below the I-5 highway across the river from Downtown Portland; behind it there are lots of ledges, which have been all capped, probably years ago. This thing hasn't and it overlooks the whole city, a view you can enjoy while grinding down it." © Rich Odam
Will Marshall, Backside Overcrook
Will Marshall, Backside Overcrook "While in Barcelona with the DC Canada guys, we spent some time searching for new spots when we came across this new rail. It wasn't 'til we started skating it that we noticed a school full of kids right next to it all screaming out the window until their teacher closed the windows on them." © Rich Odam
Wade Fyfe, Frontside Noseslide
Wade Fyfe, Frontside Noseslide "This rainbow rail looks good but it's a bit of a nightmare to hit, the run up is on a curved angle, the transition between flat and the bump is pretty heavy and the rail itself is chest high. Wade battled this one but won the war." © Rich Odam
Sascha Daley, Frontside Boardslide
Sascha Daley, Frontside Boardslide "Earlier this year Sascha and I went on our first trip to China together with a group of really good friends who are all amazing at skating, He found this spot at a pretty well known University, this is how Sascha starts a skate trip, no pussyfooting." © Rich Odam
Matt Berger, Frontside Feeble Grind
Matt Berger, Frontside Feeble Grind "We came to this flatbar thanks to our friend Mikendo, he brought us here so the guys could skate it as a pop out rail, but Matt had a different idea and skated the rail all the way to the end. It took a little while for him to get it right, so it gave me the chance to play with this angle a bit." © Rich Odam
Jordan Hoffart, Noseblunt Slide
Jordan Hoffart, Noseblunt Slide "People in China haven't gotten over the amazing spectacle they get to watch on their streets when people come to skate there. I'm pretty sure they all have somewhere to be at this time but they are attracted to skateboarding like a deer in the lights." © Rich Odam
Charles Deschamps, Frontside Smith Grind
Charles Deschamps, Frontside Smith Grind "This bump to rail sits right on a train stop which at 5pm gets super crowded with people just wanting to go home from work, every time the train arrived, which was about every 10-15 minutes, it would blow it's horn super loud." © Rich Odam
Ben Patterson, Switch 180 Crooked Grind
Ben Patterson, Switch 180 Crooked Grind "London, Ontario is a 2hr drive south of Toronto, we drove there to skate a hubba but it didn't end up working out. Not to waste the long drive there and back we started brain-storming spots to see what we could come up with. Ben came thru and got this trick real nice and quick for us." © Rich Odam
Adam Hopkins, 50-50 Grind
Adam Hopkins, 50-50 Grind "If the wall behind the rail seems close to you, it's because it is. This thing has no run up and it's mainly grass with a lil' rugged concrete. Adam made a makeshift run-up with some pieces of wood he found at this school adding to the gnar factor of this kink." © Rich Odam
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