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Max Géronzi has the talent to match his ambitions.
By Greg Poissonnier

It’s been a while since Maxime Géronzi blew up on the French scene, very talented at a very young age, used to good results in comps and appearing in magazines, before almost disappearing. He would only return stronger, with a banging part in the Cliché video ‘Bon Voyage’ which would suggest he is back for good.

Maxime Géronzi
Maxime Géronzi © Julio Sola

Hey Max, how are you doing? Can you introduce yourself to people who may not know who you are?
Hey, my name’s Maxime Géronzi, I’m 23 years old, and I skate for Nike SB, Cliché, Venture, Swiss tools…

A sick part in the Cliché video, the Koston 2 commercial launch, this part and interview here for us, 2013 seems like a good year for you?
2013 is becoming a good year which has had kind of a slow start, but that will hopefully accelerate towards the end!

Before all this coverage, you seemed a bit less visible media- wise compared to previous years, is it just a perception or did you really step back?
It’s not that I stepped back ; I just grew up, got older, I had to deal with fractures… it came together by instinct. I now try to rest a bit more and to think upfront before doing stuff -the complete opposite of what i used to do. I think it was the best option, in terms of how brands have your back- or not- depending on what you do and how you act.

Maxime Géronzi, Ollie to Fakie
Maxime Géronzi, Ollie to Fakie © Julio Sola

You live in Perpignan, do you take advantage of being quite close to Barcelona to skate there, or do you find everything you need at home?
I don’t often go to Barcelona or anywhere else, to be honest… Perpignan is for me some kind of therapy, when I’m back from skate tours, or something else, there’s everything I need in my mini- country!

Do you only skate today or do you have to work a bit to make a living?
I only skate today, thanks to the right people in the skate industry, I can live my little life, and I’m really thankful. No need for a regular job right now, to each his own position!

What are your projects, ambitions, what would be the next five years for you, ideally?
My projects for the future… I’d like to skate in the whole world, skate the spots I’ve always dreamt of skating since years. I’m very ambitious, I just need a bit of time, the right timing and right people to back me up, otherwise lots of things can happen in those five years. I live skating day by day now.

Thanks Maxime!

Maxime Géronzi, Switch Flip
Maxime Géronzi, Switch Flip © Julio Sola
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