Vans Downtown Showdown, Paris 2013

Element Europe takes all in the French capital!
By Greg Poissonnier

For the first time in five years on the old continent, the Vans Downtown Showdown caravan parked up in the world’s most beautiful city; more precisely, in la Grande Halle de la Villette, in Paris.

Jonas Skröder, Backside Ollie to Tail
Jonas Skröder, Backside Ollie to Tail © Maxime Verret

Twelve teams from around the world were invited to party as well as submit obstacle ideas, four of which were selected due to their originality and nods to local culture. It was no surprise then to discover an Eiffel tower replica by Element Europe, the Arc de Triomphe covered by a French flag by Flip, luxuxry luggage and a pack of cigarettes by Palace, and finally, the Eiffel tower ponds recreated by Cliché.

Luan De Oliveira, switch 360 kickflip
Luan De Oliveira, switch 360 kickflip © Maxime Verret

Each obstacle sees two riders from each team going for it in one hour jams. There was action for everyone, street orientated on the Palace and Flip obstacles, and transition orientated on the Element and Cliché ones- even though some riders’ talents allowed them to skate some spots in a different manner than expected!

Tom Penny
Tom Penny © Maxime Verret

It is obvious that Luan Oliveira’s consistency and control were outstanding, which got him the best Pro award. Nassim Guammaz was crowned best Am of the event thanks to the skills he’s known for: fast, tech, stylish and committed!
In the end, Element Europe ended up first in the team ranking, followed by the Scandi’s of Sweet Skateboards, while third place went to Flip.

Louie Lopez, Backside Tailslide
Louie Lopez, Backside Tailslide © Maxime Verret

An extraordinary rider line up, some crazy obstacles, concerts, exhibitions… whenever Downtown Showdown stops close to your house next year, don’t miss it. Save the date.

Josef Scott Jatta, Frontside Nosegrind
Josef Scott Jatta, Frontside Nosegrind © Maxime Verret
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