Douwe Macaré wins Red Bull Skate Arcade

The Dutch ruler finishes the game with all lives intact and is off to L.A!
By Niall Neeson

Three thrilling and intense days have flown by since 18 rippers landed in Barcelona for the Red Bull Skate Arcade Global Final. The weather forecast predicted rain for Saturday evening when Level 3 was due to take place, so Level 1 at MACBA and Level 2 at Moll de la Fusta in the harbour took place on Friday instead.

After the opening rounds the 18 had been whittled down to 9 players for the decider at Tibidabo amusement park located the peak of Collserola mountain. These 9 champs hailed from Colombia, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Panama, Argentina, Poland and Norway.

Douwe Macare, Backside Lipslide
Douwe Macare, Backside Lipslide © Sebas Romero

At the end of level 2, there was a wildcard skate- off for slot number 10 amongst the unsuccessful riders. Latvia’s Maksims Feofilovs took it, but an injury meant the slot went instead to Estonian shredder Rain Lindemann.

Come Saturday, and Tibidabo revealed her best kept secret: a unique virgin spot which was finally unveiled at 3 pm to an audience of awestruck finalists.

The jam went off- the grandstands were packed and the skaters were all going for it, when all of a sudden the forecast showers arrived. When the skies cleared and the qualifiers completed, Joan Galcerán, Juan Pablo Vélez, Douwe Macaré and Jorge Simões were the undeniable finalists.

Humberto Perez, Frontside Nosegrind
Humberto Perez, Frontside Nosegrind © Sebas Romero

A final 10-minute jam would decide who was victorious, with Macaré’s perfect halfcab flip on the stairs catapulting him into first place.
“I didn’t expect to win because the other guys ripped, but I skated like I wanted to, so I was happy about that.” said Douwe “It feels so good to win here. Barcelona is the best place and it’s a really good event. I’m glad that we still could do it despite the rain – and I’m very excited to be going to LA!”

JoanGalceran, DouweMacare, JorgeSimoes
JoanGalceran, DouweMacare, JorgeSimoes © Sebas Romero

Final Results:
01. Douwe Macaré (Netherlands)
02. Jorge Simões (Portugal)
03. Joan Galcerán (Spain)
04. Juan Pablo Vélez (Colombia)
05. Humberto Peres (Brazil)
06. Matías dell Olio (Argentina)
07. Jacek Ostaszewski (Poland)
08. Rain Lindemann (Estonia)
09. Fredrik Winsents (Norway)
10. Alfaro Bredio (Panama)
11. Geonhoo Kim (South Korea)
12. Ignacio Tapia (Chile)
13. Maksims Feofilovs (Latvia)
14. Cristian Cohal (Romania)
15. Kevin Vu (Belgium)
16. Simone Odolini (Italy)
17. Tomás Colussi (Guatemala)
18. Chak Fai (China)

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