Flip Eurodyssey Tour: Part 6

Streets on fire as Flip cruise the UK in search of spots.
By Ian Deacon

To round off the tour we went to Hackney in East London to some ‘Kev Parrott’ spots and then headed up to Milton Keynes where Rob Selley was kind enough to take us around some of the numerous spots that MK has to offer.

Alec Majerus, backside noseblunt
Alec Majerus, Backside Noseblunt © Arto Saari

First off in London, we checked out the bowl at Victoria Park as a warm up then hit up a flat bar spot followed by a handrail which got a good seeing- to by both Alec Majerus and Louie Lopez . The locals at the handrail were used to skaters hitting up the spot and could not have been friendlier, which was a welcome change.

Greyson Fletcher, cradle carve
Greyson Fletcher, Cradle Carve © Arto Saari

After sessioning the rail we went to Hackney Town Hall to check out a double set. Louie’s back had been hurting for a couple of days now and the impact on this beast was not going to help that any, so Alec went on a solo mission and made probably the best hardflip I’ve witnessed live. The catch is crazy. A well-deserved KFC break followed straight afterwards.

Alec Majerus hardflip
Alec Majerus, Hardflip © Arto Saari

On getting to Milton Keynes we all met up at a weird temple bandstand in the middle of a field. Equally bizarrely, there was a mini Avebury circle right by there, where some Sidewalk Mag article team shots were taken.

\Alec Majerus, Backflip
Alec Majerus, Backflip! © Arto Saari
Greyson Fletcher
Greyson Fletcher © Arto Saari

After the strange monuments we headed into the roundabout hell of MK to an assortment of spots. None were a bust either, which is always a blessing.

Louie Lopez, Crooked Grind
Louie Lopez, Crooked Grind © Louie Lopez

Louie and Alec made light work of everything that was put in front of them and we just had enough daylight to squeeze in a quick visit to the fullpipes up the road- after a quick ‘dine and dash’ at Nando’s in the Snowdome.

Alec Majerus, Switch Front Feeble
Alec Majerus, Switch Front Feeble © Arto Saari

The fullpipe session lasted about 3 minutes flat after security rumbled us and that, my friends, was the end of our road.

fullpipes northampton
Fullpipes, Northampton © Arto Saari
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