Red Bull Vert Evolution

Sandro Dias unveils a new vert skating concept on November 15 in Sao Paulo.
Sandro Dias, Crail Slide
Sandro Dias, Crail Slide © Alberto Lessmann
By Niall Neeson

Continuing our long history of involvement with pushing the boundaries of vertical skating, Vert Evolution will be another first of its kind in the game. On November 15th in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a mixed bag of nuts from the international world of vert skating will join Sandro Dias in showcasing an all- new comp format for vertical shredding. The combination of incredible location, elite riding field and cutting edge technology- which allows riders to reflect on and adjust their output simultaneously for the duration of the session- add up to a world first for skateboarding’s most spectacular format- don’t miss it


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