The Second Act of Brian Lotti

The street skating legend on his other gift.
By Niall Neeson

For some, being a great skater is the one way in which they shine. For a very few indeed, being a great skater is just another manifestation of their total otherness. Brian Lotti is one such person.

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Tristan Saether, Backside Tailslide
Tristan Saether, Backside tailslide
Tristan Saether, Backside Tailslide "Tristan Saether backside tailslides a sketchy but excellent DIY quarterpipe. The bank was lemon yellow and with the distant mountains the whole scene was ready-made for a composition that had to be painted." © Brian Lotti
Buddy Nichols, Backside Grind
Buddy Nichols, backside grind
Buddy Nichols, Backside Grind "Buddy Nichols sails his big boy frame up for a big backside grind in a small backyard shallow end just as the sun is setting. I was fascinated by the quality of light and the total conviction of this backside grind." © Brian Lotti
Sage Elsesser, Nosegrind Tailgrab
Sage Elsesser, Nosegrind tailgrab
Sage Elsesser, Nosegrind Tailgrab "It’s heartening when new bucks reintroduce old-school moves and make them look proper again. Sage Elsesser is painted here doing a hot tailgrab-nosegrind. This is a painting based on a photo taken by Sam Muller." © Brian Lotti
Keelan Dadd, Nollie 180 Flip
Keelan Dadd, nollie 180 flip
Keelan Dadd, Nollie 180 Flip "I was watching Keelan Dadd film an incredible schoolyard line one day when the inspiration for this painting struck. The ground shadows, the basketball backboard, and the sheer height of Keelan’s nollie 180 flips got me hyped to express something subtle and particular about the scene." © Brian Lotti
Kenny Anderson, Frontside Wallride
Kenny Anderson, Frontside wallride
Kenny Anderson, Frontside Wallride "Kenny Anderson hugs a high frontside wallride at the nasty little beachside bank to wall in El Segundo. It was midday and seemed like there was only sky and the bright beach sand. I used gouache paints and played with the colour harmonies." © Brian Lotti
Brendan Klein, Frontside Grind
Brendan Klein, frontside grind
Brendan Klein, Frontside Grind "Brendan Klein is that all- terrain shredder who has been known to inflict and receive heavy damage. His pre-impact form in this aborted frontside grind is full of grace and acceptance. Oil on canvas based on a photo shot by Pedurtz." © Brian Lotti
Adrian Adrid, Alley Bomb
Adrian Adrid, Alley Bomb
Adrian Adrid, Alley Bomb "I really love alleys and the sense of colour, direction and depth they can contain. They are everywhere in Los Angeles, and this harbour-facing alley is being bombed by Adrian Adrid." © Brian Lotti
Robbie Russo, Melon Grab
Robbie Russo, Melon Grab
Robbie Russo, Melon Grab "Robbie Russo lofts a casual melon grab over the spine at Channel Street skatepark in San Pedro. This painting is based on a photo shot by Rob O’ Connell, one of the unruly and expert DIY masons who built the park out of his sheer love for skateboarding." © Brian Lotti
Zach Wagner, Crosstown Traffic
Zach Wagner, crosstown traffic
Zach Wagner, Crosstown Traffic "Zach Wagner pushes across Fairfax Boulevard in Los Angeles during rush hour. I was compelled to paint the contrast between this lone guy on a board and the modern traffic before the stillness of the distant hills." © Brian Lotti
Mark Gutterman, Ollie
Mark gutterman, ollie
Mark Gutterman, Ollie "Mark Gutterman soars an ollie over stairs and a railing at the famous Country Market off Laurel Canyon Blvd. in Los Angeles. A gouache painting based on a photo by Seu Trinh." © Brian Lotti
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