Checkout: Massimo Cavedoni

90’s Massimo has been keeping busy in skateboarding.
By Mike Munzenrider

We’ve been seeing a lot more of Massimo Cavedoni this year, and according to the man himself, everything just kind of worked out and happened. First, he made moves this summer putting out his “Stoops Mom” part through Thrasher, three high speed minutes of creative skating, and followed that up with his section in CJ County, which is three more high speed minutes of creative skating, shot on a digi-cam and set to Whitney Houston.
At 28-years-old, Massimo isn’t some kind of throwback dude, he’s just himself, a dude who come up in Irvine during the 90’s, who embraces his nickname/hashtag because it actually works pretty well.

Massimo Cavedoni, Backside Smith Grind
Massimo Cavedoni, Backside Smith Grind © Anthony Acosta

What have you been up to, working on anything in particular right now?
I just started work on a Transworld interview, and then we’re doing some kind of Real video thing, we don’t know exactly what it is, but something is in the works.

I noticed you’ve been putting out a bunch of stuff this year and there’s more on the way, did it just happen, or were you putting in extra work?
I think it was just kind of how shit worked out. In the beginning, people weren’t around and then all of a sudden I started skating with more people and it just kind of got easier to be in the mix of things.

What’s up with HUF, are you on, sort of on, what’s the story?
I’m still in the mix of just getting product and getting flowed by them and stuff, that’s where it is right now.

Massimo Cavedoni
Massimo Cavedoni © Anthony Acosta

What’s up with the video CJ County, what’s that all about?
Me and my friend Steven moved into this apartment like two years ago, and we live, literally, across the street from Carl’s Junior Skatepark, the little [Rob] Dyrdek plaza at Lafayette Park. We were originally going to film a homie video in tribute to the video LA County from back in the day. My friend had a VX and we were going to film all the spots right around here.
Then he got over filming with his VX, so me and Steven, we had a digi-cam basically, and that’s how that whole thing came about, just a tribute to LA County.

Are digi-cam videos more fun than the other kinds?
I don’t care, we’re not exactly filmers, so we were like “we don’t want the responsibility of a camera,” so we just did point and shoot digi-cams, iPhone or Flip cam or whatever, and it just came about like that.

Throwing back to the era of LA County, why are you called 90’s Massimo?
I don’t remember exactly how it came about, but it was Jake Donnelly, and he was talking something about 80’s Joe. He was like, “Fuck that, we’ve got 90’s Massimo,” because I’ve got a flip phone and look like a normal person from the 90’s, I guess. I’m not wearing some spandex black pants or some shit, these days.

Massimo Cavedoni, Nosegrind
Massimo Cavedoni, Nosegrind © Anthony Acosta

Does Irvine really suck that bad?
It’s whatever, a suburban little city, there’s not a whole lot going on there. These other dudes back in the day made a video called "Irvine Sucks" and then my friends used that name for a website, I don’t know, it’s alright; it’s a suburban little town probably like any other one out there.

You think Real is going to turn you pro before you’re 30?
Shit, I don’t know, we’ll find out!

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