Chilean Rippers in Frankfurt

Skateboarding’s cultural exchange is the best thing ever.
By Jon Wolf

Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city in Germany and features one of the only real ‘skyline’ views, but the city has never really been on the map. When you think of skateboarding in Germany, you probably think of Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne. However, as a city with almost 700,000 souls in a relatively small area, it definitely has its fair share of spots.

Alvaro Galarce, Backside 180 Fakie Nosegrind
Alvaro Galarce, Backside 180 Fakie Nosegrind © Thomas Gentsch

A group of Chilean skateboarders ventured here in the summer of 2013 to explore the city and skate its mostly untouched spots. The Chileans quickly earned themselves the reputation of skating the roughest spots, taking the hardest slams and never complaining.

Chileans Crew
Chileans Crew © Thomas Gentsch

That makes it nice and straightforward to film with this crew because they are down for almost anything. Locals joked about gnarly spots: “You gotta bring the Chileans here”. By the time they arrived I already had a long list. Each one of the dudes brought their own approach to the streets and this fusion of attitude and terrain sums up Chilean style: tranquilo estilo.

Etiel Rojas, Ollie
Etiel Rojas, Ollie © Thomas Gentsch
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