Skate Escape: Adventure in Nicaragua Part 2

Eldridge, Haslam and crew tour through Central America.
By Larry Earvin

Chico Brenes takes us through the 2nd part of the trip.  

This year I added a new stop to the tour. Our good friend Shamus Hewitt and his girlfriend Sasha Friess, who’s also a yoga instructor, own a lodge with a skatepark including a bowl on the nature reserve of Laguna de Apoyo. It was on the way back to the capital Managua from San Juan del Sur Beach and we had to check it out. The place was truly amazing and just footsteps away from the lagoon. It was actually a perfect place to unplug and relax before heading back to skate the streets of Managua.

Crew © Jeremy Adams

During our last two days in the capital, we got back to the grind, checking out more skate spots. After skating some of the guys wanted to do a little sightseeing, so we headed to the active volcano of Masaya.

Chris Haslam, Tailgrab
Chris Haslam, Tailgrab © Jeremy Adams

The objective of these Central Skate Tours is for people to have a good time, show them how beautiful a place like Nicaragua is, and at the same time help skateboarding grow in these parts.

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