Top 10 Stories from 2013 in Skateboarding

Plenty of drama, excitement, and much more in 2013.
By Cole Louison

This year saw another Hawk turn pro, Deathwish’s successful release, a new Street League Champ, Red Bull dropped Perspective, and some video parts that should not be over looked.

Here’s are list of the most talked about stories in skateboarding from 2013.

10. The mystery of Antwuan Dixon continues.
Though excluded from the Deathwish video, co-owner Erik Ellington told an interviewer Antwuan is still on the team. Minimal footage from ‘Twuan and unsubstantiated talk that the facially-tattooed wunderkind was now with LE Skateboards only thickened the plot.

9. Riley Hawk Turns pro.
Riley needs no introduction, and not just because his dad is a business/marketing/vert genius. The 21-year-old’s street gnarlment combined with the eerie technical ability that made his Dad a young star have long drawn fans and sponsors-- like Baker, who just released his pro model.

8. Perspective.
Red Bull drops Perspective featuring Ryan Sheckler, Torey Pudwill, Ryan Decenzo and Zered Bassett on a journey from their hometowns to common ground.

7. Lewis Marnell’s death.
An established force when he died due to diabetes, the 31-year-old Almost pro was famously free-spirited and uber-talented, executing a microfine tech wizardy that contrasted with his huge clothes, long dreads, and sometimes untied Nikes. While the community still in shock, skater and musician Ben Harper, picked up Marnell’s guitar, and re-recorded “Jah Work,” donating proceeds to the late skater’s family.

6. Felipe Gustavo’s impact.

Felipe took home $25,000 for winning the Berrics Run and Gun Contest in October and then in November officially turned pro with Plan B. It was a big 2013 for Felipe.

5. P-Rod quits Plan B.

Paul Rodriguez’s departure from his company of eight years was abrupt and remains largely unexplained. This summer, the best technical skater of his generation started skating with a gold board sans all Plan B paraphernalia. In the one interview he granted since the split, P-Rod told LA’s Power 106 FM there was no bad blood. “It’s all love and we’re all family,” he said, “I just want to take ownership of myself.”

4. Chris Cole wins Street League.
After 6 stops around the globe, it was Cole who beat out the talented field of skateboarders for this year’s Street League Championship.

3. The Deathwish video.
It turns out to have been worth the wait. The first and extraordinarily long-awaited video from Deathwish features bewildering full parts from elder statesman like Eric Ellington, the arthritically fluid megatalent of Lizard King, and introduces us to newcomer Jon Dixon, who ollies off a house.

2. Skateboarder Magazine is no more.
Grind Media ceased publication of the magazine in October after nearly 50 years of operations.

1. Nyjah Huston: Fade to Black.
Just watch the video.

We gave you our list, now tell us your top 10 list from 2013?

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