Skateboarding's Favorite Night of the Year

Highly educated guesses on who wins at the 2014 TransWorld Skate Awards. And, no, we're not high.
Evan Smith, Frontside Boardslide Pop Over © Mike Blabac
By Larry Earvin

The industry will without a doubt party their faces off Tuesday evening in Long Beach, Calif. for the 16th edition of the TransWorld Skate Awards  celebrating another epic year of skateboarding.

As always, the event will be a shit show of a night as everyone gathers in one room for their favorite night of the year.

The winners are selected by the TransWorld staff, but if one could speculate… And if that someone was a betting man, they would put their cash on these guys.

Here are some probable predictions.

Best Rookie: Evan Smith
This category might be the toughest to predict, but it's hard to argue the type of year Evan Smith had in 2013. The Evan Smith Experience sits with over 215,000 views, a strong showing at the Tampa Pro, and recently selected as one of the 12 skaters for the Berrics Populist Contest.

Best Team: Zero
The release of Cold War and Chris Cole winning the Street League title. Done.

Best Video: Chronicles 2
UPSET ALERT-- The popular picks in this category are Deathwish and Cold War but the high end production of Chronicles 2 is at the top of the food chain. This may not be the popular pick but the production level and lineup featuring Theotis, Luan, Shane, Donovon, Daryl, Justin, and SOTY 2013 Ishod speaks for itself.

TWS Readers' Choice: Chris Cole
A Street League title, plus a feature part in one of the year's best videos, but you tell me since you guys were the ones that voted.

Best Video Part: Silas Baxter-Neal - Perpetual Motion
Silas' part embodies skateboarding and it's roots. The relentless pursuit of landing a trick at all costs. Once you add up all the hard work, you get the mastery we see with Perpetual Motion. Plus it's a TransWrold video and TransWorld editors select the winners.

Check back on Wednesday for actual results, and to see the where we're right or where we're wrong.

Or if you know more than we do, just tell us below.

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