Helsinki Hustle

Filming for a new indie video, Axel Cruysberghs, Albert Nyberg, Phil Zwijsen and crew hit Finland.

© Sam Clark

Working on a new full-length independent video project, Lucas Fiederling assembled the squad to visit Helsinki, Finland. And what a crew it was: Axel Cruysberghs, Phil Zwijsen, Jarne Verbruggen and Albert Nyberg met up with Ron Modig, Tuukka Rajala, Samu Karvonen and Marius Sylvanen. Wes Kremer also joined the ranks and off they went, taking it to the streets for some capital punishment.

Wes Kremer, Switch Crooked Grind
Wes Kremer, Switch Crooked Grind© Sam Clark

Keep your ear to the ground for the full film which will drop in the second half of 2014, and keep it locked in here for progress updates and selected cuts!

Axel Cruysberghs, 50-50 gap out
Axel Cruysberghs, 50-50 gap out© Sam Clark