Checkout: Danny Leon

One of the most promising young skaters in Europe.
By Gaston Francisco

Danny Leon is a promise on his way to becoming a reality. At just 19 he is already an established name in the Spanish skate scene.

His ability on big transitions has taken him around the world, where he has had the chance to mix it with the best.

He hails from Madrid, and is going all-in; his recent hook-up with the Globe Europe team shows that his horizons are expanding and the world is becoming his playground.

Effortless skating and his sunny disposition point to good times ahead for Danny.

Danny Leon
Danny Leon © Toño Garcia

Hi Danny, how are you? Are you in Madrid?
Hi, all good. Right now, I am indeed in Madrid.

Do you spend more time on the road, or at home?
I spend very little time at home due to skate trips, but now that the weather is bad I'm home with my family. Normally I travel all the time from one place to the next. I love travelling.

Where have you been recently that left a good impression on you?
I was in Mexico recently – I liked it a lot because I got to see a new place, new culture, met new people and tried the spicy food! Good memories from that trip.

Danny Leon, Stalefish
Danny Leon, Stalefish © Toño Garcia

Do you prefer skating street or tranny?
I like skating everything – ramp and street... but, given the fact that I was raised in a skatepark with a lot of transitions, I do feel more comfortable around them.

The last trick in your Checkout part... difficult one to land?
Not really, I think it was something like 15 minutes to roll away from it... and I did it twice, in the end. I was in a hurry to land it because I was hungry, the restaurants were closing and me and (filmer) Mac hadn’t eaten yet!!

Danny Leon, Tucknee
Danny Leon, Tucknee © Toño Garcia

How would you like people to remember you?
I would like to be remembered as I am, and for what I have accomplished as a person, and as a skater. Thanks!

Danny León
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