Photo Of The Week: Boaz Aquino

Boaz Aquino photographed by Tamuz Rachman.
Boaz Aquino 50-50 Tel Aviv
Boaz Aquino, Frontside 50-50, Tel Aviv © Tamuz Rachman
By Niall Neeson

Imagine a day where the streets are empty, traffic is non-existent and you aren’t allowed to work even if you wanted to. In Israel, the Jewish festival of Yom Kippur is just that.

This year, Boaz and I shot this photo during Yom Kippur on one of the busiest bridges in Tel Aviv.

To be on the rooftop of the city was a surreal experience. We had the spot to ourselves; only once in a while would some kids ride past on bikes.

Too bad there isn’t a day like this every month – things would be a lot more chilled!

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