5 Boro Goes East: Part Two

The trip continues as New York City's 5 Boro skate team ventures towards Newfoundland.
By Sam McGuire

It was 3 a.m. when we stopped in Lubec, Maine to find a hotel. I was driving at this point, and Jordan Trahan was the only other guy awake.

I’d convinced Jordan that we should check for hotels in this small town at the Bay of Fundy because I’d always wanted to see it has the greatest tidal range in the world.

I knew we’d be sleeping in the van but I knew in the morning the crew would hate me a bit less awaking to the beautiful landscape.

Bay of Fundy
Bay of Fundy © Sam McGuire

After little sleep we watched the sunrise as the tide shifted in and out of the Bay. We were looking like a bunch of hobos at this point, but no one cared as the laughs kept coming.

It took a good two hours to cross the border, another series of ferries and then we were off to Saint John, New Brunswick where we spent the day skating around the city and getting some much needed rest in an actual bed that night before heading a few hours north to Halifax, Nova Scotia the next day.

Jordan Trahan, Frontside Noseslide
Jordan Trahan, Frontside Noseslide © Sam McGuire

We’d spotted this ledge skating around the waterfront in St. John and it was pretty rough. Old weathered bricks and not much wax but Jordan powered through this stylish frontside noseslide.

Jimmy McDonald, Frontside Wallride
Jimmy McDonald, Frontside Wallride © Sam McGuire

We found this bus stop one morning while eating breakfast. Jimmy really wanted to try this Frontside Wallride but we weren’t sure if the glass was thick enough to hold up. It held up quite nice actually.

We skated until sundown than started the five hour drive to the ferry.

Check back on February 18 to see the final episode, the crew finally makes it to Newfoundland and to their final destination of St. John’s.

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