The Buenos Aires skatepark boom

A skateboarder’s paradise: 20 public concrete skateparks in three years and more to come.
By Ignacio Morresi

‘Urban sports’ have exploded in Buenos Aires over the past three years and as a result over 20 public skateparks have been built. This last year alone more than 10 skateparks have opened in the city and its surroundings, possibly the product of public acceptance, advertising or skilful politicians.

The most impressive thing is how skating has been accepted by the general public and the high level of skating that thousands of devotees has generated. Parque Centenario, Lugano, Pacha Park, Barracas and Skateplaza are some of the names that the fanatical ‘porteños’ think of before going shredding.

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Diego Bucchieri, Mataderos
Diego Bucchieri, boneless
Diego Bucchieri, Mataderos The skatepark of the ‘slaughterers’ is the first one in the city with a spine. It is located in the slaughterhouse district and Diego feels at home here with this boneless. © Ignacio Morresi
Jorge Amarilla, San Martin
Jorge Amarilla, Frontside Smithgrind
Jorge Amarilla, San Martin This is ‘Mr. Bowl’ from Buenos Aires, a pillar of transition skating in Argentina. ‘Ladas’ goes in for a frontside smith grind. © Ignacio Morresi
Horacio Cardama, Lobos
Horacio Cardama, Backside Melon
Horacio Cardama, Lobos Not far from Buenos Aires, the fertile town of Lobos has also been a part of the skatepark boom. Horacio Cardama enjoys the park with a backside melon. © Ignacio Morresi
Jony Rodriguez, Munro
Jony Rodriguez, Backside Noseblunt
Jony Rodriguez, Munro Not forgetting private spaces, Jony Rodriguez does this backside noseblunt in Pablo Sanchez’s skatepark. © Ignacio Morresi
Enrique Rosso, Tecnopolis
Enrique Rosso, Kickflip
Enrique Rosso, Tecnopolis Maybe the kickflip isn’t considered a difficult trick nowadays, but boosting one out of this snakerun in Tecnopolis skatepark, the way Enrique Rosso does, is unreal. © Ignacio Morresi
Skatepark, Wilde
Skatepark, Wilde A very peculiar public concrete skatepark in the suburban neighbourhood of Wilde, originally designed for skaters and bikers. © Ignacio Morresi
Sebastian Cardaci, Quilmes
Sebastian Cardaci, Frontside Pivot
Sebastian Cardaci, Quilmes Sebastian Cardaci busts out with a frontside pivot in the south of Buenos Aires. © Ignacio Morresi
Juano Wallace, Echeverria
Juano Wallace, Frontside Crossbone
Juano Wallace, Echeverria The only Argentinian with a poster in Thrasher magazine, Juano Wallace does a crossbone like few others. © Ignacio Morresi
Milton Martinez, Belgrano
Milton Martinez, Frontside Blunt
Milton Martinez, Belgrano Our biggest hitter, Milton Martinez from Mar del Plata looks for the ‘fifth leg of the cat’ – as we say here – with this frontside blunt in the Belgano Skateplaza. © Ignacio Morresi
Luciano Cristobal, Avellaneda
Luciano Cristobal, Frontside Ollie
Luciano Cristobal, Avellaneda Luciano plays the ‘charango’ really well and can make you fly with his music, his photos or his frontside ollies; like this one in Avellaneda! © Ignacio Morresi
Pato Barreto, Monte Grande
Pato Barreto, Backside Smith
Pato Barreto, Monte Grande Monte Grande was so named during the Spanish conquest. In this landscape, Pato Barreto shows us how to skate trannies he landscaped himself with a backside smithgrind. © Ignacio Morresi
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