Simple Session 14: photo highlights

What went down at the Simple Session 14 skateboard final in Tallinn? Check out our photo recap.

Simple Session 14 saw some serious drama over the space of two days. Eighty entrants were down to 15 by Sunday. Greg Lutzka was hospitalised by a concussion before returning to enter and then win, Ryan Decenzo got Lutzka's free spot and then slammed really hard, Ryan Sheckler and Leticia Bufoni both absolutely killed it, and the two young French entrants Aurélien Giraud and Robin Bolian wowed everyone by mixing it with the elite.


1. Greg Lutzka
2. Phil Zwijsen
3. Kelvin Hoefler
4. Aurélien Giraud
5. Ryan Sheckler
6. Robin Bolian

DC Best Trick

1. Max Kruglov (hardflip overcrook)
2. Aurélien Giraud (crook nollieflip out)
3. Dannie Carlsen (blunt treflip out)