Sheckler Sessions: An Australian Love Affair

Ryan's Australian tour continues with fellow Red Bull skater Corbin Harris cruising around Sydney.
By Larry Earvin

At this point, it's safe to call Australia a second home for Ryan Sheckler.

Sheckler’s first trip to Oz was at 13, and he's been back 25 times since. On this latest visit, Sheckler spent time cruising around the east coast for two weeks, linking up with Aussie Red Bull athletes to experience their versions of the place they are proud to call home.

“It’s one of the best places to go," Shecker says. "Out of all my world travels, I continue to come back to Australia. The food tastes amazing, the girls are insane, there’s nightlife and great skating. I feel like I’m going to live there eventually.”

In the latest Sheckler Sessions episode above, the journey continues in the land down under as the crew meets up with Corbin Harris for a tour around Sydney, including some of the city's best skate spots.

Also on the agenda was a quick stop at Oakley, one of Ryan’s sponsors, for some customized shades.

The life of a professional skateboarder ain't too shabby, right?

Check back on Monday, July 21, for the next episode of Sheckler Sessions as the crew is back in the States to support Torey Pudwill’s project, Red Bull Skate Space, in Seattle.

Like what you heard throughout the episode? Here's the track list from episode five:

Bryan New, Andrew Duck MacDonald – 'Thunder Road'
Simon Steadman – 'Sumthin’ Good'
Ian Clarke, Simon Painter, David Hicks – 'Slacker'
Simon Steadman – 'Hey Heartbreaker'

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