Sheckler Sessions: Plan B Heads to Barcelona

The entire crew travels to the skateboarding mecca to film for the highly anticipated movie "True".
By Larry Earvin

In episode 7 of Sheckler Sessions, Ryan Sheckler and the whole Plan B team travel to Barcelona, Spain to film for their highly anticipated video “True”. Everyone involved with the project has shown a crazy amount of dedication the past three years to get this released.

Don't believe us? Watch for yourself in the latest Sheckler Session episode.

"You can wake up, feeling unstoppable and everything is working," said Sheckler about what it's like to filming for a part. "You get a little too comfortable and step off your board wrong, roll your ankle or something. The session and even the trip can be over in a second. You can be having the sickest session, and then boom . One trick you're done."

Case in point, Sheckler almost gets his face taken off by a pole, and Torey goes mad, trying to dial in a specific trick.

Check back on Monday, August 18, for the next episode of Sheckler Sessions.

Like what you heard throughout the episode? Here's the track list from episode seven:

Tom Merlin Sechi – Titanium
Francisco Martinez – Richie
Aaron Kelley; Skinny Williams – Rough and Tumble
Lenny Williams – Set in Stone
Jimi Bowman; Ruben Ayala; Christian Night; Jeffrey W. Wade – Whiteboy Neck Jerk
Adam Fox – Tumbleweed Sunset
Dust Devin (PRS) – 03 Stoic Heroic

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