Street League Championship: Oh So Close

Torey Pudwill nearly edges out Nyjah Huston, the undefeated Street League champion.
By Sam McGuire

The 2014 Street League Championship went down to the wire with Nyjah Huston slightly edging out Torey Pudwill on the last trick of the the contest.

The entire stadium roared rallying in support of Torey Pudwill who held the lead before Nyjah recaptured the lead for the win.

It was a day of surprises all around.

Shane O’Neill missed a few tricks and was eliminated first, followed by Luan Oliveira who was shockingly eliminated second.

In the final attempts, Torey took the lead and set the stadium on fire with hopes he was going to be the one to take out the undefeated Nyjah.

However, not one to buckle under the pressure, Nyjah came through with an insane cab flip into the steep bank, and into an undefeated Street League 2014 series.

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Torey Pudwill – Backside smith grind
Torey Pudwill, Backside Smith Grind
Torey Pudwill – Backside smith grind © Sam McGuire
Chaz Ortiz – Noseblunt
Chaz Ortiz, Noseblunt
Chaz Ortiz – Noseblunt © Sam McGuire
Luan Oliveira – Frontside flip
Luan Oliveira, Frontside Flip
Luan Oliveira – Frontside flip © Sam McGuire
Nyjah Huston – Backside noseblunt
Nyjah Huston, Backside Noseblunt
Nyjah Huston – Backside noseblunt © Sam McGuire
Shane O'Niell – Nollie backside heel
Shane O'Niell, Nollie Backside Heel
Shane O'Niell – Nollie backside heel © Sam McGuire
Ishod Wair – Kickflip backside tailslide
Ishod Wair, Kickflip Backside Tailslide
Ishod Wair – Kickflip backside tailslide © Sam McGuire
Matt Berger – Frontside feeble
Matt Berger, Frontside Feeble
Matt Berger – Frontside feeble © Sam McGuire
Paul Rodriguez – Switch crooks
Paul Rodriguez, Switch Crooks
Paul Rodriguez – Switch crooks © Sam McGuire
Ishod Wair – Backside tailslide
Ishod Wair, Backside Tailslide
Ishod Wair – Backside tailslide © Sam McGuire
Torey Pudwill – Backside noseblunt
Torey Pudwill, Backside Noseblunt
Torey Pudwill – Backside noseblunt © Sam McGuire