Searching For The Shade: Bonus Photos from Oman

A final batch of photos from the Volcom Skate team's visit to the Sultanate of Oman.
By Roberto Alegria

Searching For The Shade is the narrative of this adventure. The Sultanate of Oman remains a laregly undiscovered place within our little culture and so a Volcom mission was assembled to explore it amid temperatures averaging 40 degrees Celsius.

Eniz Fazliov, Daan Van Der Linden, Harry Lintell and Ben Raemers scuttled around like lizards under the punishing daytime temperatures, logging hammers while blinded by sweat, as the marble architecture throbbed with reflected heat.

The second and final chapter of this opus goes live next Thursday.

In the meantime, enjoy some more stills from the sizzling sessions that made up the Volcom Europe trip to Oman.

Watch episode one now.

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Harry Lintell – Nollie heelflip
Harry Lintell, Nollie Heelflip
Harry Lintell – Nollie heelflip Harry Lintell had to wait until the evening to get this nollie heelflip, made possible by the generator and the lights from our guide, Warren Stopforth. Thanks Warren! © Roberto Alegria
The crew
The crew Omanis are a very friendly and hospitable people. They don't know much about skateboarding, but they will definitely record skate sessions for posterity! © Roberto Alegria
Daan Van Der Linden – Switch crooked
Daan Van Der Linden, Switch Crooked
Daan Van Der Linden – Switch crooked One of the most curious things in Oman were its roundabouts. There were so many, and each one of them had a different theme. In this one we found this perfect spot that Daan manhandled. © Roberto Alegria
Daan Van Der Linden
Daan Van Der Linden
Daan Van Der Linden The biggest problem we faced was the heat: temperatures could reach as high as 47°C. One of the guys who suffered the most was Daan Van Der Linden, who at times looked like he had fallen in a pool. © Roberto Alegria
Eniz Fazliov – Backside lipslide
Eniz Fazliov, Backside Lipslide
Eniz Fazliov – Backside lipslide This rail was in an abandoned shopping mall, and it saw a good deal of action. Luckily the security guard was taking a nap and only came out once we were done skating. © Roberto Alegria
The Omani landscape
The Omani landscape Oman has some of the most important cultural treasures of the Middle East. Throughout the whole country you can see fortresses like these. © Roberto Alegria
Harry Lintell – Gap frontside boardslide
Harry Lintell, Gap Frontside Boardslide
Harry Lintell – Gap frontside boardslide Without a doubt one of the best rails we found, it was brand new and Harry was the first one to bless it with this gap to frontside boardslide. © Roberto Alegria
Harry Lintell
Harry Lintell
Harry Lintell In the evenings we skated and in the mornings we would go to the beach, where Harry made new friends. © Roberto Alegria
A sinkhole
A sinkhole A must-do in Oman is a visit to this sinkhole, an hour's drive from Muscat. Ben Raemers didn't let the opportunity pass and jumped from the top without hesitation. © Roberto Alegria
Eniz Fazliov – Heelflip
Eniz Fazliov, Heelflip
Eniz Fazliov – Heelflip This park entrance was the perfect spot for Eniz Fazliov to stomp a heelflip first try. © Roberto Alegria
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