Searching for the Shade: Skate Trip to Oman, Ep. 2

Friendly locals who encourage skateboarding? That's just one reason this is not your typical trip.
By Larry Earvin

Skateboarding's global search for untapped terrain continues unabated. As our culture grows and spreads near and far, the sacrifices involved in attaining unknown pleasures also increase. 

Red Bull Skateboarding's latest series Searching For Shade follows the Volcom Skate Team on their unorthodox trip to the Oman desert.
In episode two, the crew Eniz Fazliov, Daan Van Der Linden, Harry Lintell and Ben Raemers encountered something that typically does not happen on most skate trips.

Friendly local, who encourage skateboarding. Their hype and interest in what they were doing, only elevated the level of skateboarding.

Roberto Aleman accompanied the crew on the trip and continues to give us his first hand account.

Spots abound in Oman, and most of them are gleaming marble.

I think we got kicked out only once in a fortnight. All of the Omani people were very friendly and surprisingly accommodating when we were skating in front of their businesses or homes -- they just enjoyed watching something they had never seen before.

The city of Muscat is blooming and the skate spots pop up at a similar pace. The old town by the harbour is an incredible cluster of narrow streets and local shops with scents, colours and an atmosphere that I will never forget.

The food was incredible, and the beer appeared just at the right time. In Islamic countries you must respect the rules and two such rules were not to drink in public or to remove your shirt. It is seen as a lack of respect.

We wished that we could have had the time to skate more spots, but we had to leave many unconquered due to the extreme heat and the consequent lack of energy!

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