Zion Wright Drops His Top 5

Florida's finest steps up big for his chapter in Red Bull Skateboarding's "5 FOR 5" series.
By Josh T. Saunders

Fresh out of Jupiter, Florida, Zion Wright has arrived front and center in the skateboarding scene surrounded by a well-deserved amount of hype. At just 17, Wright skates with the defined style and strength of a veteran. He raised the bar with tech and size in his "5 FOR 5" edit with some mental rail work, which you should enjoy repeatedly above.

Wright's 5:

  • Backside Heelflip
  • Cab Back Lipslide
  • Backside Noseblunt
  • Backside Overcrook
  • Kickflip Backside Tailslide

That's Part II of "5 FOR 5" — Come back to Red Bull Skateboarding to see what's dropping on a weekly basis from this fresh generation of pro skateboarders, and to get your fix of the next five.

"5 FOR 5" Full Roster:

Zion Wright
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