Bonjour Aurélien Giraud, and Thanks for the Top 5

The big cat from Lyon, France, steps into the "5 FOR 5" ring with his best bangers from abroad.
By Josh T. Saunders

There's a change of scenery in this round of "5 FOR 5" as we head across the pond to France to pick up everything Aurélien Giraud is putting down. In and around his hometown of Lyon, Giraud skates fast and aggressive, and the full-speed edit up top deserves a few views to let it all fully sink in.

Giraud’s 5:

  • Switch Frontside Flip
  • Kickflip to Backside 180
  • Backside Kickflip
  • Hardflip
  • 15-Set Kickflip

That's Part III of "5 FOR 5" — Come back to Red Bull Skateboarding to see what's dropping on a weekly basis from this fresh generation of pro skateboarders, and to get your fix of the next five.

"5 FOR 5" Full Roster:

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