Skating Greek Isles in Search of Blu Enigma

Join Brad McClain, Alex Hallford and Chris Haslam as they skate their way through the Greek Isles.
By Niall Neeson

The Blu Enigma expedition is truly an international tale, worthy of dissection. First and foremost, our Greek friend Notis Aggelis, who was originally going to lead the expedition, had to go under the knife for ACL reconstruction just before our trip. Thanos Panou, the Antiz rider from Athens, hopped on board in Aggelis's place, helping immensely with language barriers and local knowledge.

Rounding out the support squad was Bulgarian ripper, Yavor Stoyanov. Not only did he drive one of our two vans, but he also threw down his fair share of bangers at every skate session we had. 

The Blu Enigma is a little hotel on Andros, the northernmost island of the Greek Cyclades archipelago, just off the coast of Athens. There, owner Nikos Garyfallos has built a rather unusual and challenging bowl on the compound grounds for any rippers passing through town.

Garyfallos is one of the Stockwell BMX crew from London (circa the 1990s). He inherited his grandfather's little hotel and turned it into something mind-blowing. He then turned his sights to the trails high above the island's coast, transforming the existing BMX trails into a massive DIY concrete skatepark.

The result of Garyfallos's efforts? A skate paradise on the lightly traveled Greek island. With an invite to come session the Greek paradise bowl and its surrounding spots, we jumped on the opportunity, no questions asked.

Our mission would take two van loads through the islands of Paros and Tinos before we finally reached the Blu Enigma, nestled into the hillside of Andros. Departing from the port of Rafina in Athens, Brad McClain, Jorge Simões, Chris Haslam, Alex Hallford and Keith Walsh explored every square inch of skateable terrain the three islands had to offer. This was a rare skate trip without any guiding precedent, and one none of the crew will ever forget.

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