Meet Zion Wright, at Home on Planet Jupiter

Follow the young Floridian to his Jupiter Beach stomping grounds in "Let's Get It Wright."
By Theo Lewitt

Welcome to the premiere of "Let’s Get It Wright," a new series that dives into the life of the 17-year-old Zion Wright. Chances are you've seen a fair share of the young buck as of late — the kid skates with polished power that’s tough to find, stomping bolts with apparent ease. He rolls with a moxie far beyond his years and, for Wright, that all started at home in Jupiter Beach, Florida, with his vibrant and supportive family.

In Episode 1, we head home to Jupiter to get a look at Wright's roots. Enter Mustafa and Charron (dad and mom), LaRoi (big brother) and Alvera (grammy). From his favorite childhood skate spots to a neighborhood cookout at Grandma’s house, we sit shotgun with Jupiter’s favorite four-wheeled prince before he hits the road to the Tampa Am in Episode 2.

Stick around for the finale, where we return to Wright’s adopted home in Los Angeles to see the culmination of his upbringing and support as he hits the streets, busting his ass to stack clips in heavy company.

Without further adieu, hop up top and press play to hang with your new favorite skater. Then, tune in next week (Wednesday, to be exact) for the next episode right here on Let's get it.

Zion Wright
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